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This witch has many tricks & treats up her sleeves.
At one time my partner in crime in 'Dirty Drawers' - a dual illustration operation, specialising in imaginary character based installations & zines, multi faceted St. Martins graduate Laura has also dabbled in music & surreal performance art with 'Scottish Weirdos' but now concentrates on her solo work, bringing her unique & mischeivous visions into being.
A talented, versatile & entertaining illustrator, Gill's work has been described as 'a strange spaghetti of hopes, dreams and horrors'.
Se says "My specialities lie in dark fantastic and silly imaginative". for more.
Another Gill speciality is the pet portrait. Warranting their very own blog ( these are all one -off commissioned works & make perfect presents. With Christmas looming, one of these could be the answer to your shopping woes. Contact laura with enquiries -

Laura's latest creations are inspired by the Native American tradition of the talking stick - a tool used in group discussions to allow everyone, in turn, to have their say. Laura's Talking Sticks, though, have strong opinions of their own. 
Foraged from London's prime wooded areas, each stick is carefully selected, whittled & stripped before being brought to life, with Gill teasing out the sticks' natural & distinct character with gentle daubs of paint. 

Recently named as " this year's top stocking filler", the talking sticks are now available from Lik + Neon, No One shop, and Darkroom Store London, as well as direct from the workshop, where you can choose from the different collections; the pagan Shades of Morris Dancer, innnocent Pastel Dipped Springs or glam & festive Heraldic Glitters.

Magic fact: For those with a keen eye, you might be able to spot the very latest creation Laura has been brewing in the She's My Witch images, which we shot only weeks before the arrival of her second beautiful baby.

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